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baby bed bell but remote control baby electric acousto-optic bed $48.72 Item No: BT 1004 Packing Size:39.5*11.5*33cm Material: Plush Features:Rattle with music Age Ranges:0-12 months Weight:N.W 1.35kg G.W 1.8kg Product Description: Interesting animals and bright color can better cause the attention of the baby, the baby will boost the mirror hangs upside down the vision. Two files volume control, three different kinds of music can choose, can let music always accompany baby sleeping! 1, the sound quality is good, have 3 first music, sound can adjust the size! Can spin! 2, the baby a little, but also as a separate music box of use, the wonderful music with the baby grow, comfort the baby. 3, hangs bright-coloured color, hang umbrella and a mirror at the bottom, and the baby lying in bed can see yourself, colorful insects to hang, mothers all know this to the baby initial vision of the importance of development. 4. Bands were moving, convenient mothers to baby diapers, their bands can turn to one side, this is the general ZhuanLing are no! Add to Cart: Model: BT 1004 Shipping Weight: 1800g