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Moving to a new city for better career prospective, is a trend that is very popular from decades ago. In India, metropolitan cities along with few Tier II cities are occupied by most of the educational sector as well as the industrial sector. Hence, in this perspective, Bangalore is no different. Day by day the city is occupied by migrants coming from different parts of the country. The growth of the IT sector as well as the start-ups in Bangalore is immense. This is the reason of most of the migration. People are coming here in terms of shaping of their career through higher studies and jobs. However, there are people who are in search of preferred mode of accommodations like paying guests, rented apartments, serviced apartments, etc. According to our experience we are saying that paying guests are the most preferred as well as most affordable mode of accommodation in a city if you are staying for a longer period of time. To have a proper idea about the regions of Bangalore is a good idea while living in a city. In this article we are portraying the picture of the area near Christ College and Tavarekere. The standard of living is low compared to other areas of the city. Hence, you can find many paying guests in this region. For a reputed PG near christ college, we will refer you to Royal PG for ladies.