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Right place, right time, and the right company absolutely! Many would assume that is all that you need to succeed. But is it? It depends on many factors, such as your writing skills, your ability or financial resources to develop a quality high traffic website, your willingness to train your new members, etcetera. Why not reduce your risks, cut out the start up time and almost guarantee your success by joining the right team. Do you ever wonder why some people succeed and others fail in the same business? Not all the groups within a company have the proper training in place to guide new members to success. Our team knows that network marketing success demands replication. Your success will be directly proportionate to your ability to replicate yourself in the marketplace. We take out all the guesswork and insert an element of predictability and sustainability to your Agel business. J. Paul Getty, the billionaire oil man, said it best "Success is 1% of the effort of 100 people versus 100% of your own effort." We have teamed up with MLM specialists to design a system specifically for the Agel opportunity. This system was created to bring you to profitability in the quickest possible way! Our motivation is to see you do well in this business, and to adapt the same vision as part of the our team. To help you along the way we will give you: Mentorship & Support to make you an expert in this industry. Experienced Leadership, including the top income earners. Training, Resources and Materials to grow your business. Marketing tools that are replicatable to all Agel members. An online Prospecting System that brings it all together. Never before has such an amazing opportunity, team, and system come together, one that provide the means for success to every Team Member that joins! AgelUniverse makes growing your Agel business fast and easy! So, what are you waiting for? To learn more CLICK HERE to visit our website. www.dphall.ageluniverse.net Best Regards David Hall