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A Winner Of A Health Drink Introducing a Health Juice concoction of mine below: NEW Ingredient: Ceylon CINNAMON You will need a clean 1/2 gallon sealable container ...(preferably glass) Step #1 * Pour in 2/3rd cup of Apple Cider vinegar. Step #2 *Then pour in 2/3rd cup of 100% Honey. (pure honey, purchase from closest to where you live, if possible) Step #3 * Boil 3 Green Tea Leaf bags in about 1-1/2 cups of GOOD WATER, steep for a few minutes,then pour into the 1/2 gallon container Step#4 * This is where you add/stir the ground Ceylon cinnamon into the the boiling tea. (I use the hot tea and a spoon to clean the honey residue from the measuring cup after step #2) Step #4 *Spoon in 32 Teaspoons of Diatomaceous Earth (routine).... finish filling the 1/2 gallon container with GOOD WATER, then shake very well as to stir up the ingredients, place in refrigerator to chill, then consume DAILY 2 ounces in AM and 2 ounces in PM, but not to late, the juice concoction may give you natural energy and cause you not to sleep. ** NOTE: Put in**32 Tablespoons** of Diatomaceous Earth (for problems) This is a concoction I came up with after researching the ingredients one buy one, if you do some research on this juice concoction of mine you may just believe in its health benefits as much ... or maybe even more than I do. ;-) It's reasonably priced to concoct too! <>< <>< <>< <>< *********** ><> ><> ><> ><> You can get the honey and apple cider vinegar from your local grocer or maybe farmer, I have a website with all the pertinent information about Diatomeceous Earth and links to purchase some with a credit card or by paypal on my website over here -> http://www.HeavenandEarthPowder.info I will also except Money Orders or LOCAL Check... Call me @ 864-260-9252 (eastern time) Be sure it's PERMA-GUARD Brand DE ....It is all we sell. Thanks for L ¿ King! >>>>> To A Healthy You! Mark ..... http://mwweaver.com http://DEtoxwithDE.com United States .... Anderson SC