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SAP Environment, Health, and Safety Management supports with its different functionalities environmental, occupational and product safety processes, regulatory compliance, and corporate responsibility. This is accomplished by embedding corporate policies, compliance, and environmental, health and safety capabilities with global business processes for human resources, logistics, production and finance.SAP SECURITY Training Includes R/3 Security Online Training || BI Security Online Training || HR Security Online Training || CRM Security Online Training || SRM Security Online Training || PORTAL Security Online Training SAP helps you manage these processes with the following: · Employee health and safety functionality of SAP EHS Management helps to manage incidents and industrial hygiene and occupational health processes, and supports you to ensure safe and compliant handling of hazardous substances · Product safety and stewardship functionality of SAP EHS Management helps to meet legal, safety, and sustainability obligations along the supply chain, and supports compliant product storage, packaging, shipping, and transportation · Environmental compliance management functionality of SAP EHS Management helps you ensure compliance with environmental laws and policies and reduces associated efforts, and risks on plant and corporate levels · Product and REACH compliance functionality of SAP EHS Management helps to comply with product and material compliance regulations for all industries and helps to secure your right to market your products · SAP Best Practices for Analytics packages in sustainability enables visibility of environment, health, and safety risks with predefined analytics that rapidly identify exceptions needing corrective actions Contact Us: URL : www.saponline.training Email : info@saponline.training USA : +1-717-718-5484 Web : http://www.saponline.training/sap-ehs.html FB : https://www.facebook.com/pages/SAP-EHS-Corporate-Online-Training/1547557482128124