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USA AND CANADA ONLY! This is a nice offer for people looking for something different, or for people just wanting to earn the $5 I'm offering for the completion of this quick task. It's super simple. So, here are the steps. Step 1. Go to this link: http://express.mycashfreebies.com/index.php?ref=17866 Step 2. Scroll almost to the end of the page where you see the box to put your email Step 3. Type in your email click "Next Step." Step 4. Complete just one FREE offer (most people that I've been paying do the free Equifax offer). Step 5. Once you've done that just click the "status" tab and make sure it says in green "Congratulations! You have met the offer requirements!" That's it! You're done and you will be paid your $5 as soon as I see your email address come up on the site which proves you have successfully completed your one FREE offer. If you can use your PayPal email address to sign up that would be great - I only pay through PayPal because it's the safest way. If you don't use your PayPal email address to sign up that's okay, I will send you an email to the email address you signed up with and ask for your PayPal email address so I can pay you. If you want to earn an extra $10 you can go to this link http://double.mycashfreebies.com/index.php?ref=17870 and follow the exact above steps. PS (if you're wondering why I'm paying you to do this it's because when you do any offer, I get paid too. You will also be able to do get paid by having other people do the same thing once you complete your offer).